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Volbeat Rum Available Here: www.volbeatrum.com

Copenhagen, Denmark — A pre-order for Volbeat Rum has been launched in partnership with Aarhus, Denmark based boutique retailer Marselis Wines. Singer Michael Poulsen, and owner Lars Christensen staged multiple tastings last summer in the hopes of isolating an alcohol both parties viewed as worthy of bringing to market as a signature brand. As of today, bottles and cases can be pre-ordered here: www.volbeatrum.com. 

Volbeat Rum is an elegant and full-bodied batch, with a long, rich and delicious finish. The solera rum is blended by master distillers from the Dominican Republic, using rums aged up to 23 years. The taste is full-bodied, soft and sweet with notes of caramel, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, wood and spices. With every sip, there are subtle nuances to the palate, with a memorable powerful, long finish.

Singer Michael Poulsen shares, “For quite some time I have had an interest in finding the right match to bring a spirit to market. The integrity of our band has always been important to me, and this is the first time we have opened the door to release a product that is not tied to musical activities. Lars, and Marselis Wines, are great partners, and with their expertise, we look towards a successful launch that will warm the palates of our fans as we enter the winter months. The Volbeat Rum is a beverage we are proud to be introducing, and we hope the fans love it as much as we do.”

Marselis Wines Owner Lars Christensen offers, “When Michael and I first began exploring a partnership, nothing was more crucial than to maintain a focus on quality control. The omnipresent aim was to deliver a brand that offered the fans and broader consumer base a product that truly is quality. Volbeat is an entity that the band has spent many years building and they have done so with a deep connection to the audience. Bringing this product to market is an initiative driven by Michael’s vision, and we at Marselis Wines could not be happier to launch this partnership. Together we are committed to excellence.”

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Since the band’s inception in 2001, Grammy-nominated Danish rock band Volbeat has been critically celebrated and commercially rewarded for their unique and inimitable fusion of classic rock ‘n’ roll, heavy metal, and rockabilly. The band distilled its disparate influences —everyone from Johnny Cash to Elvis Presley to Metallica to Slayer into a fresh, thrilling sound that quickly separated itself from the pack and from peers. Their new studio album Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie debuted at #1 in seven countries which included Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. In Canada and Norway, the new album entered the charts at #2, in the USA at #4 and in the UK at #16. Michael Poulsen is a unique visionary and storyteller who brings life to the characters he introduces through song. Volbeat is Michael Poulsen (Guitar / Vocals), Jon Larsen (Drums), Rob Caggiano (Guitar), Kaspar Boye Larsen (Bass). For more detail: www.volbeat.dk.
Aarhus, Denmark-based boutique retailer Marselis was founded in 2014 by owner Lars Christensen. Over the past 2 years, the company has approached retail with a keen sense of brand identity. With the launch of Volbeat Rum they continue to bring products to market of interest to consumers on a global level. For more information, click here: www.marselisvine.dk


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